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Our Presentation Switcher works with both 4K Ultra HD sources and legacy analog devices, providing flexible connectivity and a single management point for all devices in the room. The auto-switching feature saves time by making it easy for users to connect and present without the need to select inputs manually. The intuitive user interface is accessible from any computer or mobile browser and via On-Screen-Display, and doubles as a setup tool and daily controller – eliminating the need for costly external controllers in smaller installations.

Multi-Format Presentation Switcher

Ideal for conference and collaboration spaces with a wide array of devices and inputs.

1x4 Video Wall Controller - 4K 600

Creates a picture on any combination of up to four Hi-Def displays – with audio de-embedder.

4K Ultra HD AV over IP Solutions

Virtually latency-free distribution of HDMI video at 4K UHD resolution over a 1GB Ethernet Switch.


We’ve updated some key features in our products, such as the EXT-CU-LAN Matrix Controller and all second-generation AV over IP products, which enhance their scalability and adaptability. This new update allows complete control of every signal’s route to their single destination.


Avsol creates solutions that redefine what’s possible with video distribution.

We design products at the forefront of the digital connectivity arena, delivering a wide selection of audio/video solutions including switchers, splitters, extenders, scalers, converters, adapters, and more for commercial applications of all shapes and sizes. The scalable Gefen solutions allow audio/video and computer systems to be easily integrated, extended, distributed and optimized to maximize performance. Installers and integrators around the world turn to Gefen for innovative and dependable products that sustain the test of time.

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Fortune 500 companies trust Avsol to increase productivity in the boardroom and increase engagement and communication with their employees.

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Smartphone Connection


From television to film, broadcasters rely on Avsol to manage and route multisource signals to outputs ranging from displays to capture cards.

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Avsol creates the solutions that support complex and sophisticated on-site video distribution required for even the biggest, most highly watched professional sporting events in the world.

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The retail environment has two audiences to consider; the store customer and the store staff. Avsol delivers seamless solutions to large retailers and government and education facilities as well.

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AV has traditionally been designed around having a matrix switch in the middle that you tie your AV devices into. AV over IP allows for that same AV signal to be sent over the network. This means more flexibility and less need for hardware space when it comes to installations and implementations.


Each division within our group boasts skills, experience and knowledge that sits at the top of their game. We are individually strong but insurmountable together.

Video over IP Matrix Revolution PLAY VIDEO Avsol solutions

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