AV Installation Solution

Digital signage easy Install was developed as a solution for time and cost-saving.

This is a “flat-pack” product. The very light aluminum extrusion connects with the plate brackets that slide over pre-installed M8 studs in the correct positions. Only a 13 Spanner will be needed to tighten all the m8 nuts of the construction. Height adjustment will be done with a 24 Spanner.

The screen brackets spacings will be pre-set ensuring no measurements on-site. The construction can be screwed to the floor or walls after assembling it. We ensure that the correct parts are supplied to hold the full digital signage installation securely in any space.

Easy Install is a time and cost-saving solution. This is a great solution for businesses and churches.

For this solution, a requirement of area dimensions and the area of installation is needed to ensure accurate measurements.

  • This product is project-based and the price will be available on request.