Avsol Pop Out Digital Signage Bracket

AVSOL has developed a clever digital signage bracket with an eye on ease of installation and ease of future maintenance. The bracket is fully adjustable and easy to align screens after installation. The bracket “pops” out from the closed position with a gentle push onto the screen. The screen will gently slide forward giving you enough space to connect cables or to unhook the screen for maintenance or replacement. With a gentle push, the screen will slide back into its position without the necessity of re-adjustment.

No tools are required, nine adjustment knobs situated around the bracket can be used to position the screen. The bracket solution consists of a recessed enclosure for components, switches, and cables. The enclosure base has been designed with mounting slots which can be used for cable rooting.

This solution was specially designed for video walls as the installment and removal of screens could become a hassle. Using this solution makes it easy for anyone to remove one screen out of position in a matter of seconds as appose to removing other screens to get to the problematic screen. The solution is a huge time and money saver and guarantees no screen damage, a simple toolless one-man front serviceable operation.