Under Table Solutions

Under Table, Solution consists of neatly powder-coated steel brackets which are designed to hold many kinds of components that are usually difficult to hide under a table or against a wall. Two models are available for this solution. A 10.5” and 19” wide by 350mm deep. Both brackets have built-in height adjustment between 1u and 2u.

Components can either be fixed to the rack rails or can be cable tied or screwed to the laser cut slots on the base of the unit. Neat cable routing is easy with the cleverly designed slots on the component base.

Blank-off plates can make the installation neater and tamper-free. Other blank-off plates with knock-out XLR points or customised for specific components are available on request.

Add attention to detail in your professional installation by hiding untidy components and cable connections under any table or wall.

  • AVSOL-UTS-10.5-C Under Table Bracket – 10.5″ Complete

      Retail: R 2 000.00

  • AVSOL-UTS-19-C Under Table Bracket – 19″ Complete

     Retail: R3 000.00